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Sound on Sound
Gidday everyone…
Wow what a flurry of hires it’s been recently. Weddings and birthdays being the main takers with the odd day care centre grabbing a speaker for event’s nights…

Everyone’s been very pleasant and happy customers – only a few ‘late returns’ on gear but that’s something you live with in this business. As long as the gear’s not broken or damaged – that gets my goat.

So I’ve changed the stock photos on the website to try and add a bit of spark. I’m not very savvy with Photoshop or illustrator so I’m limited to buying prefabricated images etc… One day I’ll get a minute to up skill and enjoy the tool of photoshop or illustrator.

New wireless microphones and self-powered speaker boxes (very popular with weddings) are on the horizon and will be purchasing these soon.

Random picture a speaker attached….img_2368_1


Wireless microphone

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