Portable Speaker Pack

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World class MiPro portable speaker – Battery powered and provides four hours of talk/music time and eight hours standby.

Ideal for the remote wedding ceremony ceremony or anywhere with no 240Volt power.

  • 1x 145-watt portable PA system with 8 ” woofer and 1 ” tweeter
  • 1x Radio Microphone
  • CD/MP3 player or MP3 player & recorder, plus certified Bluetooth receiver for music streaming
  • Voice Priority mutes music when a wireless mic is used.
  • 1x MiPro Speaker Poles
  • 1x König & Meyer Microphone Stand
  • All cables included
  • Road-case enclosed for safe transporting

Available for Hire

  • $120 per day (Mon – Fri)
  • $120 per weekend (Sat – Sun)
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