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I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t Blog very well… I have the best intentions but poor execution..

News in the Audio Hire Geelong world;
*Purchased a a battery power box made by ‘MiPro’. This box excepts two mic level inputs (one xlr + one 1/4 jack) and a cordless microphonme. Audio can also be sent to the box via bluetooth which is great for the wireless back ground music.
The life on these things is 8 hours standby and four hours talk time – so far good reviews
*Replaced the aging RCA leads on the SL1210s with brand new ones and these suckers get rid of the pesky earth cable (who needs them!) – photos within…
*New Allen & Heath 43 mixer inbound for February 2018. The of Xone has done me pround but it’s time to upgrade.

OK update coming in one year’s time!

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