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This is my weekly blog I’m starting…

My plan is to document the highs and lows of the audio hire business on a weekly basis (I expect this to last about a month most probably !)

So week one of Oct 2016;

A far few inquires this week with the up and coming party and wedding season looming….

Met with Deaklin on Thursday evening who hired the ‘Party Pack’ for the weekend. Given it was AFL grand final on Friday we agreed to the ‘weekend’ rate @ $180. Always like to hire out the CDJs and a mixer + two high quality speakers, gives me faith DJs a still alive and well…

Deaklin returned the gear with no issues reported. Only that the Police arrive far too early at the party! I said ‘it’s never a proper party unless the authorities make an appearance right!’

Tinkered about with the website a little – FYI > booking multiple speakers on the same days seems to bring my ‘shop’ to it’s knees and we’re currently working on rectifying the problem.

If you have orders that aren’t being accepted – please call me! We have lots of stock available.

Ok – signing off – till next week!


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